Terms and Conditions

The following terms will govern any order placed with MisterStudio.com and its affiliates; for this reason, we recommend that you read these terms before placing your order. By submitting an order to MisterStudio.com, you (the customer) agree to all the terms and conditions set forth below. This agreement replaces a written consent and will be binding on both the client and their representatives.
MisterStudio.com specializes in printed promotional products, customized just to your wishes or needs, we make products such as: coolies, banners, buttons, signs, canvas, ceramic murals and many more. MisterStudio.com strives to offer the highest quality and exceptional service competing with the lowest prices on the market. We are fully committed to meeting all of your needs and expectations, but we want to inform you that there are always certain limitations that are unique to the custom printed promotional products industry.


Payment for an order will be made in full always before the start of any production. We accept payments in the form of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. Misterstudio.com will not send any order before payment. We will not accept any other form of payment other than those mentioned above. Your payment will be shown as payment to “PAYPAL *MISTERSTUDIO” on your credit or debit card statement.

High Risk

Our Consumer Protection program guarantees that the owner of the credit card or account is aware of the payment transaction that is being carried out, the system will detect orders with information related to unusual billing and / or mismatches, as well as others of high risk. These high-risk orders will be placed on the pending list. The production and shipping schedule will not start counting until the high risk and all other dubious issues are verified, therefore your timely cooperation in providing your documents with clarity is recommended and appreciated.

Payment Declined

We do not issue orders against refund; we do not offer credit terms or credit accounts. We are not responsible for delays in order processing due to declined credit cards. Rejected credit cards of any kind will remain pending until the issue is resolved. We will try by all means to communicate with our customers by email, if we do not receive a response, the order will remain pending or will be canceled. We take no responsibility for backorders related to credit card problems of any other kind.


The promotional codes are temporary, we reserve the right to establish any change or modification without prior notice, promotions and any other type of discount established by MisterStudio.com may not be combined. A single discount or promotional code will be applied per order. A promotional code can only be used once per customer.

Order Tax

The subtotal amount of the order will not include sales tax. State law requires us to always collect sales tax from all customers located in Texas and it is not our decision not to collect this amount for any reason.

Additional Order Information

You agree to use this Site responsibly, in compliance with our terms of use policies, local laws and regulations, including export and import regulations. Without limitation, you may not use any part of the content herein, as a trademark or service mark, for pornographic use, for illegal purposes or uses, to defame any person, to violate the privacy or publicity rights of any person, to infringe any copyright, trade name, registered trademark, service mark or other intellectual property right of any person or entity. You agree that you will not use the site to produce products that are offensive, illegal, harassing, defamatory, threatening, harmful, obscene, malicious or objectionable. MisterStudio.com reserves the right to refuse to accept any content provided by you, or to process any order at any time and for any reason incurred in the above. MisterStudio.com may also terminate your service and / or the customer accounts that use our platform to participate in unwanted activities or violate these terms of use, incurring actions that are not in accordance with our policies, procedures, morals and ethics. You agree that MisterStudio.com will have no liability of any kind to you or a third party arising from such refusal.
You are solely responsible for the use of the content in combination with any other images, graphics, text or other material that you incorporate into your products. You agree that you will not include any third-party copyrighted text, image, design, trademark, service mark, or work on your products unless you have obtained appropriate authorization from the owners. You warrant that your products do not infringe the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, publicity or privacy right, and that you will not defame any third party, and that you have all necessary rights or permissions to incorporate third parties into the material of your products. By placing an order on this site, you guarantee that you have all the necessary permissions, rights and authority to place the order and authorize MisterStudio.com to produce the products on your behalf. You grant MisterStudio.com the right to copy, modify, distribute, use, create derivative works and vectorize any content that has been uploaded in order to fulfill your order and / or market products or services to you.
You agree that you are responsible for protecting your password and controlling access to your registered account. You agree that you will be responsible for all orders placed or other actions carried out through your registered account. All orders will go into production the next business day of the payment transaction.

Proofing and Order Previews

The proof designs on our website allow you to preview and approve a product to make sure the artwork or design is done as it should be and if the color scheme looks good when everyone is put together but will not represent the final product exactly as they are, please note that they will be computer generated images that will try to be an exact reflection of your product. Proofs are always rough previews and do not guarantee an exact match. The printing location will be slightly adjusted to fit the actual printing area of ​​the products. Actual colors can be appreciated in some cases with darker or lighter shades due to the difference in the resolutions of different monitor types and also between the monitor and the mix of different types of color palettes or color styles for production real.

The production time and the shipping time will not start until the client approves the proof, or if you do not need a proof, until you give your final consent and pay the order in full. If you need an order by a specific date, please note that we will not be liable for any delays resulting from your delay in approving and completing payment for your order. Check your email inbox frequently, as well as your spam folder, so you can quickly review and pass the test.

Proofs will always be a powerful tool to assist you in your decision making, they will only occur more than once if our design team makes a mistake in the requested attempt or at the own determination of the head of the design team. Proofs do not cancel what is on the invoice. The cost of a trial is $ 10 and is not refundable, even when the order is canceled or refunded.

Spam Filters – Firewalls

We will not be responsible for the failure of email communications, either due to erroneous, inactive or otherwise malfunctioning email addresses, or spam filters that prevent our emails from reaching you. Always check your spam and deleted folders, to make sure these important emails are not blocked due to firewalls or spam filters on your computer.

Bank Charges

When placing an online order, if you press ‘SUBMIT’ more than once your order might be duplicated. Once you inform us of any such duplicate charges, we will promptly credit the amount back to you if the order has not proceeded to production. By placing an order online, the customer is giving MisterStudio.com the permission to charge the credit card they provide. By agreeing to this policy, the customer cannot charge back the amount of the order to avoid payment. Contact us to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Changing the Order

Once orders enter “In Production” they cannot be changed. Online orders can be changed only before the client approves the Design test or simply expresses his consent through final payment and the order can go to production, once these steps are approved no changes will be made. Changing the order includes correcting a spelling error, a color, or a message. You can try changes, but they are not guaranteed under any circumstances after ordering.

NO CHANGES of any kind will be accepted on urgent orders.

Cancellation of Orders

Orders at MisterStudio.com can only be canceled before the client approves the Proof Design or expresses his final consent without the need for Proof design, under his full agreement. Rush orders of any kind cannot be canceled. Once the production starts, no change can be made and the order cannot be canceled by any mean.
The “Proof Design” and “Help with design” fees are non-refundable.

Repeat Orders or Re-orders

If you wish to repeat an order (or “reorder”) from a previously placed order, it may happen that the new version does not have the exact product color, font size or ink color as in the “original” order. The size of the artwork or engraved level of a new order may also not match the size of the artwork or engraved level of the original order. For these cases of frequently repeated orders, prices may vary in your favor from the use of discount codes. Repeat or re-orders also fall under the Color Matching section of the policy. Prices may change between redo.


When placing your order, you have the option of attaching your own artwork, that is, uploading your design. In the event that artwork is missing or defective we will make several attempts to contact the customer. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the delay in the production or delivery of the product due to errors or lack of art.


We can only use standard alphabetical character. For accent marks, windings, weddings, Unicode symbols or languages other than English, your message will need to be submitted as artwork or clip art rather than text or text instructions. We will not redo, refund or cancel any order if this option is utilized.

The messages or specifications necessary to implement in the works of art, must be sent or attached as an illustration (jpg, bmp, png, etc.) or clip art instead of text, or failing that only as text instructions, we use standard alphabetic characters. For accent marks, windings, weddings, Unicode symbols or languages ​​other than English, different representation errors often occur due to the difference of specific languages ​​and characters. For these reasons we always recommend as a precaution to follow the steps described above, they will not be made, refunded or canceled any order, if these options are not used correctly.

When the artwork uploaded to our page by a customer is deemed unusable by our design and / or production department, we will attempt to contact the customer via email to inform them that we need them to supply us with new artwork that meets all requirements for a correct production, or in due course to authorize us to modify, delete or replace your artwork to continue production. Try to answer these questions as soon as possible. If we do not receive a response within 72 hours, we reserve the right to use our best judgment to alter or remove segments of artwork, or remove entire logos, to continue production.

*Customers will assume full responsibility for obtaining permission to reproduce logos, trademarks and copyrights. By agreeing to print any featured artwork, MisterStudio.com will not be liable under any circumstances. Artwork may be extended to reach maximum print area if specifically requested in order comments section. Without leaving any specific instructions, the design and production teams will print the artwork at an appropriate scale / ratio that would ensure the most optimal print result within the print area and may or may not extend to the maximum print area.
The entire printable area comes in a closed area of ​​the maximum printable width and the maximum printable height for the artwork. The longest edge of the artwork could fit within the corresponding edge of the printable area and the entire artwork will be scaled proportionally to fit within the remaining print area. Let’s cite an example: Your artwork is 2 inches x 3 inches high, and the print area is 2 inches x 2 inches, your artwork will scale proportionally to fit perfectly in the print area, taking as a final result an artwork 1 inch wide x 2 inches tall, because 2 inches in this case is the maximum height of the print area, increasing the size will incur parts of the artwork being lost, they will be outside the maximum printing area.

Default Fonts & Colors

Font sizes always vary depending on their design style, so keep in mind that BOLD fonts are always easier to read, some symbols and special keyboard characters in certain fonts may not be available or be different from standard fonts. We are not responsible for the end result of a small font or a different appearance of special keyboard characters. Use a proof design and make sure of these possible errors before confirming your order.

Printing Location & Size

Please understand that we cannot guarantee the artwork will print on the exact same location from piece to piece of the same order. The printing location might be slightly shifted and thus different among the products of the same order. Most of the time, this will not be noticeable due to the small margin mismatch. This is common in the industry and minor visual imperfections should not be considered as defective or flawed items.

The artwork could be extended to reach the maximum printable area if specifically requested on the comment section of the order. Without leaving any specific instruction, the design and production teams will print the artwork in an appropriate scale / proportion that would ensure the most optimal printing outcome within the imprint area and it may or may not be extended to the maximum printable area.

All printable area comes in a closed area of the maximum printable width and maximum printable height for the artwork. The longest edge of the artwork could be fitted within the corresponding edge of the printable area and the whole artwork will then be scaled proportionally to fit within the remaining imprint area. For example, if your text or artwork is 3 Inches Width x 1 Inch Height and the imprint area is 3 Inches x 3 Inches, your text or artwork will be proportionally scaled to fit within the imprint area and printed out as large as 3 Inches Width x 1 Inch Height as it has reached the maximum printable width; increasing the height will cause the artwork to be partially cropped out due to exceeding the maximum printable width.

Pre-Production Sample

MisterStudio.com will not provide custom production samples at no charge. If a pre-production sample is required, it will be treated as an order, subject to all the conditions explained above.

Color Matching

Exact PMS color matches are not available. We try to match your color selections as closely as possible using PMS numbers for reference only. An exact match for products cannot be guaranteed, the display mode between different kinds of screens and or different kinds of designations in the color patterns always produce small alterations, even, they will not be an exact match of a previous order either, but we will still do everything possible to match. When a color difference occurs, no reason will be given for a new version, redo, or refund.

Production Time

Cut-off time for an order to go to the production phase the next day, in all cases it will be at 5 p.m. Orders placed after the cut-off time will go into production the next day. Production times reflect business days. Production time does not include any shipping time; therefore, the shipping time should also be added to the production time to get an accurate delivery time. You have the option of response times in most cases. Your choice must reflect your “on hand” date, and we will do our best to stay within the time frame. Please note that we are not responsible for the late receipt of any order due to unforeseeable circumstances, for example, longer testing time, out of stock product, printing, natural disasters, or shipping company delays.

Standard production time: Our standard production time is usually 5 business days. Standard production time is “estimated” and your order will not be considered late if production has exceeded 5 business days. If for any reason, the order was placed during one of our Holiday Production breaks, Standard Production may be delayed up to 5 additional business days.

Urgent production: speeding up the production of an order is the only way to guarantee production time. If an “on hand” date must be met, this option must be selected.

In any case, our production time will only begin with the approval of the proof design.

Shipping Options

Our products are manufactured and shipped only to the US. Our affiliated carriers are USPS and UPS. Please note that sometimes our products are shipped to our customers through a private carrier if the address provided cannot be delivered by one of our shipping partners. All shipments will be made in business days. All shipping prices are for the US. Continental and exclude Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

MisterStudio.com is not responsible in case the client is not available for delivery or the client rejects the delivery. If a substantially large order requires internal delivery or residential delivery, please specify that information when ordering. Must have a physical address as UPS does not ship to P.O. boxes

Ground shipping will take 3-7 business days when shipped within the US. USA Continental.

Rush Shipping will ensure that the order is received within the selected time after production ends.

When you place an urgent production order but then opt for the “normal” or “ground” shipping method, please note that the delivery date will only be “estimated” and not guaranteed, as the shipping companies do not offer guarantees for the ground delivery.

Since you will have complete reliability of any address provided, please check carefully to ensure the accuracy of all addresses associated with your order. We will not be responsible for any delivery or delay problems caused by an address being incorrect or incomplete.

Any address change or correction requested after the order goes into production is not guaranteed. A written record will be provided in an email; as always, we recommend your review and confirmation. An additional $ 35 fee will automatically be charged to the original payment form if the shipping carriers, USPS or UPS, identifies the incomplete or incorrect address and successfully corrects the delivery of the shipment. Therefore, upon receiving the order confirmation, please review all information carefully and contact us immediately if corrections should be made.

The shipping / handling option is only to cover the refund or new version due to product damage that occurs during transit and delivery. Claims related to other problems not related to damage due to packaging and handling are not covered by this insurance option.

If we do not meet the promised delivery date on an order, due to delay or errors on our part, we will refund your money once you declare that you no longer want your product. If despite the fact that some slight delay occurs, but you still want to accept the order, we will issue a credit for the difference between the production time and / or the shipping option that was not originally fulfilled.

Please note that once you submit your order, any changes, late submission of artwork, or delayed test approvals will void our warranty policy.

Product Quality

Please note that the products we carry are intended purely as promotional items. Products that have minor imperfections visually or in size are not considered defective or flawed.

Due to the nature of the product materials and ingredients, each product type may have their own typical smells. This is totally normal and common within the industry, so the products will not be considered as defective. Most of the time, the smells will not be noticeable or should be concerned by any mean. However, some consumers who are especially sensitive to some certain distinctive smells might find them as unpleasant. 

Website Images

The images on the website are recreated in such a way that they almost completely resemble the product, but it is normal for small variations to occur between the computer image and the product. Exact matching of website and product images is not guaranteed.

Claims and Redo Orders

Please review your order immediately upon receipt. All claims must be reported within 3 business days after receipt of the goods.
Please check carefully if the problem is of misspelling, wording or message, that the illustration does not match your order, color problems or wrong product, and send us an email with your claim, please be aware that any error caused by incorrect approval on your part will automatically invalidate any type of claim. Please provide pictures of the product from different angles for clear verification. Our specialists will verify the problem and after verifying the error, we will do our best to reorder the order promptly. We will process the redo request exactly as originally requested minus any mistakes we have made. Standard production and standard shipping are estimated timelines only and are not guaranteed to meet deadlines. Any request for a new version or refund after 5 days after delivery will be denied. Once we have received your email and verified everything related to your claim, we will proceed accordingly with our product guarantee policies.

Redo an order because the shipment was lost by USPS, will be done after confirmation of the loss of the order. The order will be redone in the same way it was originally placed. We are not responsible for losses caused by USPS or UPS.

The resolutions will be sent by email. You will have 5 business days to contact us with confirmation. If we do not hear from you within this period, your claim will be invalid.

Return & Refund Policy

We cannot replace custom products. Therefore, we only provide refunds for custom products if a Claims Representative determines that we are making an order error that cannot be remedied with the new version. If we determine that we are not at fault and still decide to issue a courtesy refund on a discretionary basis, it will only be a refund of the maximum shipping cost. This also applies to discretionary cancellations granted after an order is already in production. If a cancellation is requested after an order is already in production, we may grant a discretionary refund of shipping cost at our discretion. You will not receive the product, but since the order has already been in production and in the process of customization, we can only refund the shipping cost.

Any order with used or distributed products is not refundable and is not part of the money back guarantee.

Please note that there will be no credit card refund available for transactions that are more than 90 days old.

If your order is returned for any reason, the packages will be kept on-site for 20 days and then recycled or donated. Any forwarding request when the order is still on premises will require a forwarding fee. Any forwarding request after the order has been recycled or donated will require a new order to be placed and paid for.

Shipping charges will not be credited back as this charge is made on behalf of the shipping company. The store credit may be treated as cash, and may be used at any time and on any product we stock.

Intellectual Copyright

All aspects of this web site – design, text, graphics, applications, software, underlying source code and all other aspects – are copyrights of MisterStudio.com and its affiliates. No part of this web site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written consent from MisterStudio L.L.C. and MisterStudio.com

Limitation of Liability

In all circumstances, MisterStudio.com’s maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the products sold. MisterStudio.com will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any claim or action that exceeds this limit of liability. MisterStudio.com will not be responsible for any claim of third parties for damages against the client, nor for product malfunction, cause of delays, interruption of service or loss of business. Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice. This Agreement will be interpreted as if both you (client) and MisterStudio.com jointly write all the terms established in this document.

Additionally, this Agreement will be governed exclusively by Texas Law and all claims arising or related in any way, directly or indirectly, to this Agreement will be exclusively litigated in the federal or state courts of Harris County, Texas, USA. In addition, both you (client) and MisterStudio.com accept personal jurisdiction in those Courts in Texas.