Remarkable Textured Rough Wall Vinyl Wrap

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Textured Rough Wall Vinyl Wrap

Recent advancements in print media have allowed installers to wrap virtually any surface like brick, stucco, poured cement, and cinder block. There are several highly conformable print media options on the market; choosing the correct one will  depend on several factors as the intended longevity and Ambiental conditions.

Graphic film applications on rough exterior walls pose unique challenges for manufacturers and installers. But when well executed, these graphics can be visually striking and long-lasting. We only need to invest the necessary time and use the proper materials, tools, and techniques for every project stage.

How Textured Rough Wall Vinyl Wrap Works?

Outdoor Wall Wrap Vinyl is simple for professionals to install. When heat is applied, the Vinyl Wrap adhesive develops a bond with the surface and molds the graphic into the underlying wall texture. The vinyl wrap creates a paint-like mural appearance that makes it suitable for mural artistry or large outdoor wall signage.
While installing your wrap can be straightforward, we recommend professional installation to ensure proper adhesion. Even on brick, textured vinyl can be removed, making it ideal for semi-permanent advertising.

Building Vinyl Wrap: Weather Resistant

You will need your textured wrap vinyl adhesive to withstand all weather conditions. Misterstudio Wall Wrap Adhesive Vinyl is a high-performance vinyl that is UV and water-resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for changing weather conditions. Rain or shine, Vinyl Wrap graphics maintain their vibrancy and shine.
You can also use the vinyl indoors in hot or cold conditions. We need to apply it in a moderate temperature range, but after can withstand the hot and coldest days.

What we do

We print the graphics in our wall wraps on the surface of the vinyl using a wide format printer with Eco-Solvent ink. As the ink dries and cures, it is less susceptible to abrasion and moisture. On top of the vinyl wrap, we add a Laminate to ensure protection and durability. We allow the ink to dry for a few hours before applying the laminate to the vinyl.

Laminate is an overlay of flexible plastic that protects the top layer of vinyl. In addition to protecting the ink, laminate provides many other great benefits, including the following:

  • Ease of Installation (and Removal):

The addition of laminate to vinyl makes it thicker, more durable, and easier to apply. The wrapping material is easier to reposition and less prone to bubbles and wrinkles. Removal is also easier when we laminate.

  • UV and Abrasion Protection:

Laminate extends the life of vinyl by providing excellent UV and abrasion resistance.​ Without the extra protection, it doesn’t take long for your wall or vehicle wrap to look faded and start to show scratches from road wear. With proper care and cleaning, laminate keeps the vinyl looking vibrant for many years.

  • Moisture Resistance:

Live in a humid location, or are extreme temperatures an issue? The laminate protects against those conditions, too. The ink on printed vinyl is especially susceptible to moisture. The protective overlaminate seals the vinyl and creates a wipeable surface, ideal for outdoor conditions.

  • Variety of Finishes:

Laminate is available in different finishes, including gloss, matte, satin, and luster. If you want to create a unique look with less shine, satin or matte are great options.

Our experts can help you make the most out of your vehicle, home, restaurant, office, school, gym, or children’s playroom. With a Removable Calendered Vinyl Wrap, you add style to your business or home.

Our installers can place any size or shape of vinyl wraps on vehicles, smooth walls, brick walls, concrete walls, floors, and carpets. You can use your graphics, photos, or both permanently or temporarily. Advertise your products, services, or events; create signs to mark sections, show your brand on your vehicle, decorate a space, or use the graphic wrap as a custom alternative to wallpaper.

Choose the correct Graphic film.

There is a wide variety of graphic vinyl films. These are considerations for selecting the vinyl material best suited for your project:

  • The texture of the surface.
  • Interior or Exterior
  • Finish
  • Life expectancy
  • Budget

A MisterStudio expert will assess the specifications for your project and determine the most suitable vinyl film for your vinyl wrap. Please click the “Add to Quote” button and fill out a short form, and we will contact you in less than 24 hours with a fair proposal.

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ABOUT US: MisterStudio LLC is a US Based Family Owned Company. Local companies manufacture the blanks, then we Design, Print, & Package them here in Texas.