Clear Windows Vinyl Wrap

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Clear Windows Vinyl Wrap


Window decals, vinyl stickers, or window graphics are a combination of graphics, letters, and images made of vinyl with a layer of adhesive backing to install on windows.
With our help, you can create a design, print it onto vinyl sheets, and affix them to any glass surface. They’re perfect for storefronts, offices, and vehicles.
While the adhesive is strong enough to withstand weather and temperature shifts, the vinyl decals are relatively easy to remove. Their durability makes them an excellent option for permanent and temporary use. Window decals are budget-friendly, making them a good choice for temporary displays and seasonal advertisements. With the correct tools, removal shouldn’t damage your windows, and you’ll be able to reapply new graphics immediately.



If you’re looking for full coverage, window wraps are sheets that apply to an entire window surface. You can order them to fit your desired dimensions and customize them with colors, graphics, or text. Several types of window wraps are available:

    • Transparent: If you want customers to be able to see through your windows but want to apply a full wrap. Clear vinyl will allow you to create intricate designs without overshadowing the interior of your store. You can personalize them with full-color lettering and graphics while the area around them remains fully transparent.
    • Opaque: Window wraps are also available in opaque vinyl. Using an opaque wrap is perfect if you want to block out the sun, create private spaces, cover vehicle windows or even keep the inside of your store a mystery. It also allows you to turn your entire window into a creative mural.
    • Perforated: You can still allow customers and staff to see a perforated vinyl decal outside the store. Tiny holes throughout the wrap make it possible for those inside your store or vehicle to see out while preventing those standing outside from seeing inside. The perforations don’t affect the graphics. One of the best applications for perforated wraps is covering the back windows of vehicles.


Many business owners display their logo or name on their storefront windows without covering the whole window or creating a square design. Die-cut decals are vinyl stickers that take on the shape of the graphic with no extra material. Shaping the vinyl to the graphic edges allows for clean lines without sacrificing extra window space.
Die-cutting is perfect for logos, solid graphics, and creating vinyl shapes. If your business logo has distinctive shapes or artistic design, applying it on a die-cut vinyl decal will help accentuate it and make it stand out. You can also make the entire vinyl decal interesting or eye-catching shape and print your logo without following the lines of the graphic itself.


Window decals provide a cost-effective and stylish way to convey information to potential customers. But, to impress your audience and give them the details they need, you should have more than a logo on your storefront windows. Vinyl lettering is perfect for including essential elements about your business, such as the name, hours, website, social media, and contact information.

You can also give customers an idea of what to expect through the information you share on a window decal. Not only is it convenient, but it can also encourage people to get more involved with your company.


Using custom window decals for your business can also help you:
  • INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY: Window decals are an excellent way to make your storefront more visible. Whether indoor or outdoor, on a busy street, or in a standalone building, your front window space is crucial, not only provides customers with a preview of what products or services you’re offering, but it also serves as an advertising platform to spread brand awareness and online visibility.
  • EXPAND YOUR AUDIENCE: Whether you apply them to your storefront or vehicle windows, vinyl decals can help your business gain more local and online exposure. They’ll make your building stand out from the crowd by creating a distinctive look. Your company vehicles will reach a larger audience. If you have company cars, delivery vans, or maintenance trucks, vinyl wraps can turn them into moving advertisements.
  • STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET: An adhesive vinyl wrap is a relatively inexpensive form of window signage that provides many options. It is fully customizable, takes a short time to print, and is simple to apply; you eliminate many labor-intensive steps that make standalone or wall-mounted signs with vinyl. So you can decorate your store or vehicle faster and at a lower cost. But just because you are not spending a lot of money does not mean there is a shortage of quality. Since the price of the vinyl decals is reasonable while they provide broad exposure and have a high Return on Investment (ROI), you will have one of the lowest costs per view in the advertising industry.
  • NOTIFY CUSTOMERS OF SALES AND PROMOTIONS: With well-designed business window decals, you can create a dynamic and engaging display to draw in customers with an artistic atmosphere during your sales and promotions.

A MisterStudio expert will assess the specifications for your project and determine the most suitable vinyl film for your vinyl wrap. Please click the “Add to Quote” button and fill out a short form, and we will contact you in less than 24 hours with a fair proposal.

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ABOUT US: MisterStudio LLC is a US Based Family Owned Company. Local companies manufacture the blanks, then we Design, Print, & Package them here in Texas.