1- How much does shipping cost?

Our website only ships within the United States.
We offer free ground shipping on qualified orders and on special occasions.
We are associated with USPS and UPS, the shipping price can be calculated in the cart and depends on the weight, dimensions and address of the order. MisterStudio.com uses APIs from these two providers that calculate the live price, this means that we have no profit in shipping, if you go to a USPS or UPS office it will pay the same amount that we are charging.
In the cart, after adding your address, you will be able to choose among several available services, you only have to check the price and the delivery date; please verify that the address is typed in correctly or you will not have any shipping service available.
We also offer flat rate on deliveries near our offices, this amount will be available in the cart after you enter your zip code.

2- Can you help me with my custom design?

Always !, on our website you will find at the time of forming your product the options to request a design test or help to carry out your design, you can send us an email or simply capture it in the corresponding window on our website, our professional design team will be available to materialize your ideas.

3- What is the difference between proof design and help with my custom design?

It is very simple, a proof design is a step that you can always use to be very sure of how your product will look once it is finished, it will always have a fixed cost of $ 10.00, it is not mandatory for the client but we always recommend its use so that you feel sure how you will receive your product.

Help to customize your design, will incur a small increase in time and cost, which will be different in relation to the type of product to design. (For example: the design of a brochure will always have a higher cost than the design of a business card). Obviously, the time needed to design a more complex product will be directly linked to the final cost of the design. We will always work in direct contact with you sending your design files, until you are satisfied and your approval to start the production.

4- What will be the final cost of my custom printed products?

On our website, you can take step by step a real-time quote for each of the variations that is selected to make your final product, depending on styles, types of materials, delivery times, etc. In the same way you can always be in contact with us for any questions through our email or our chat.

5- Are there regulations on minimum order quantities for products?

There will be a minimum order requirement for some products and not for others, it will depend on the product you want, and you will clearly be able to appreciate it on our online platform.

6- How will my artwork or design be placed on the product for my order?

Your design will be placed exactly the same as you reflect it in our online design studio, through our powerful tools, the result in the production of your order will be a faithful copy of the placement of your artwork or design on our website, Remember also that you always have the options to request a proof design or help with your design if you have questions or specific requirements of greater complexity, we will always be happy to help.

7- What will happen once you have confirmed your order?

When your order is placed, you will receive your confirmation and we will inform you step by step of the evolution of your order, as well as a tracking number, so that you can check the route of your product once completed and shipped, the information of all these processes will reach you by email.

8- How long will it take to receive my personalized products?

All our products are delivered quickly and efficiently, on our website you can find various forms and delivery times depending on your need, please always pay close attention when selecting your shipping method, so that we can successfully meet your needs on time.